Fennec fox




Carnivora > Canidae

Deserts, arid regions

Rodents, plants, birds,

lizards, insects, etc.

Fennec foxes are characterized by their ears,

which are larger than their faces.

They can hear small sounds, which helps them find

and eat insects and be sensitive to their surroundings.

Their large ears help them regulate their body temperature

so they can survive in the desert, where temperatures can vary greatly

between seasons and between day and night.

Their paws are hairy so they can keep their feet in the sandy desert.

This is not to say that fennec foxes do not like the heat. In fact,

they are most active at night when it is not so hot.

Safety Precautions

1. For your safety, do not reach into the enclosure.

2. -Even the smallest sounds can startle them, so please speak quietly.