Passeriformes > Estrildidae

Subtropics, grasslands,


Cereals such as millet,

seeds, etc.

There are many different types of finches,

including grosbeaks, canaries, goldfinches, and crossbills.

Finches have a secret that allows them to fly: their "hollow bones"

and "jawless beaks." Their bones are hollow in the middle and filled with air,

and their bodies are lighter because they do not have hard,

heavy jaws to support their teeth.

Safety Precautions

1. Finches can be underfoot, so move carefully.

2. Finches can sit on your head, so shake your head once before leaving.

3. Do not touch finches that land on your hand.

4. Do not touch eggs or nests to ensure that the finches' chicks are born healthy.